Members' Community Grant

Purpose of Grant

As part of the Kent and Medway 100% Business Rates Retention Pilot, a Financial Sustainability Fund (FSF) has been created to support individual local authorities with meeting the costs of growth.  As the funding from the pilot is likely to be available for one year only, Members have agreed that the funding will be used for projects where a one-off investment will support the Council’s corporate priorities in the longer term.

Within the overall FSF, a Members’ Community Grant fund has been created to assist with community development and cultural cohesion.  The rationale is that local councillors, as ward representatives, know their communities and their local (micro) needs.  The fund comprises a series of ward funds based on £1,000 for each councillor to support local community groups and organisations with one off pump priming money.

The Community Fund will support local initiatives which:

  • Contribute to delivery of the Council’s priorities
  • Are sustainable and do not create additional pressures on the Council’s resources
  • There is a tangible benefit to residents within the area represented by the councillor
  • Funding is not readily available from other sources
  • Expenditure is in accordance with the Council’s constitution and the overall local authority  legal framework.

Preference will be given to projects where funding is matched from other sources.

Application Process

  • Applicants should complete a Members’ Community Grant Application form to submit to their local ward member to assist him/her in assessing their application.
  • Providing the Member favours the application they will then authorise the form and send it to the Housing and Communities Support Team.
  • The Community Partnerships and Resilience Manager, as the responsible officer, will review the application and approve it, if it meets the scheme conditions and the Member concerned has sufficient funds in their budget.
  • A payment to the relevant community group or organisation will then be raised by direct bank transfer.
  • The member will receive confirmation that the payment has been made and their budget has been charged.


Members will have the right of appeal should their application be refused by the responsible officer. Any appeal against the decision of the responsible officer will be considered by the Director of Finance and Business Improvement. If the Member making the application is still unhappy, an appeal against the decision of the Director of Finance and Business Improvement will be considered by the Chief Executive, whose decision will be final.

Accounting for the funding

Each Member’s budget is £1,000.  The Council’s financial system will maintain a record for each Councillor of payments made against his or her budget.  No payment will be made if the effect is that the budget would be exceeded.  At the end of each quarter during 2018/19 a full report on all expenditure made will be submitted to Policy and Resources Committee.

Individual Applications

The size and timing of funding projects or schemes is entirely at the discretion of the Member concerned, however once their budget is spent there will be no further funding available.  All funds must be committed during the financial year 2018/19, but expenditure need not take place within the financial year.

Joint Awards

There is nothing to stop Members in multi-member wards combining their budgets either in total or for individual applications.  Where joint applications are made, only one form needs completing and a lead member should be noted as the main contact. All applicants should be named on the form with the amount of contribution from each member noted.


Applications will not be approved for expenditure that is:

  • Linked to party political or religious activities, although a religious body providing a community service may apply for funding in connection with that service.
  • Linked to activities which are the statutory responsibility of other bodies e.g. the Local Education Authority.
  • To the benefit of specific individuals or private businesses.
  • Likely to give rise to an ongoing financial commitment, whether explicit or implicit, by the Council.
  • Inconsistent with the Council’s constitution and/or the overall local authority legal framework.


Please email:

If you would like to apply for a community grant please complete the application form below.

Members' Community Grant application form

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