Licences and Permits

Environmental permits

Find out if you need to apply for an environmental permit for your business.

Taxis and private hire

Apply for or renew a taxi or private hire licence.

Boating licences

Apply for or renew a taxi or private hire licence.

Gambling licences

Apply for a gambling licence or permit. Includes operating and personal, temporary and occasional use licences.

Animal licences

Apply for an animal licence or permit. Includes pet shops, breeding and dangerous animals.

Street Trading

Apply for or renew a street trading licence.

Sex establishments

Apply for or renew a sex establishment licence.

Scrap metal

Apply for or renew a scrap metal licence.

Entertainment and alcohol

Apply for or renew a personal, premises or temporary event notice entertainment and alcohol licence.

Caravans and camp sites

Renew or apply for a caravan or camp site licence

Charitable collections

Apply for a street or house-to-house collections permit.

Comment on a licensing application

If you don't agree with a licensing decision, have your say and let us know.

Appeal a declined licensing application

What to do if your licensing application has not been granted.

Tattoo and Piercing

Find out how to be part of the tattoo hygiene scheme to improve your business.